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Agathe Daae-Quale
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Agathe Daae-Qvale
Find Your Way Through The Digital Shift

International STEM Author & Speaker

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Ambika Devi

​Cupid is a Bastard

Professional Speaker, Master Astrologer & more...

Roi Shternin
​Revolution From My Bed

Author, Speaker & Founder of the Patient School

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WeiLi Duan-Young

Author, Speaker, Women Empowerment

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Joyce Rojas 31 Badass Money Mindset Affirmations

Speaker, Author, Leader and most Heart-felt Money Mentor I know!

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Pam Rader

​Through the Cracks

A moving memoir about one mother's love with boundaries.

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Nela Allan
I don't know who you are but I love you

Author, Speaker, Dementia Care Specialist

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Junon Macéus
Truth & Empathy
​How to Find Your Soul Mate

Speaker, Energy Healer & Relationship Guide

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Annette Erickson
​In Search of Oneness

Author, Psychologist & Group Leader

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Adapting to these authors' unique content is exhilarating. 
​It is an honour to journey with them on the path to making their book a reality. 

Authors soon to be published or yet to complete their cover design:

Taranum Khan and Rich Batchelor ~ Esi Yankey ~ Margie Douziech ~ Lauren Deane ~ Your Name Here ~ Tanya Donahue  ~  Suelyn Hall, M.D. ~ Rev Ix-Chel Sandivel ~ Collette Lewis ~ Carol Benson ~ Henry Rodriguez

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." Stephen Hawking