A Pomodoro Self-Guided Writing Retreat Day

Discover the Power of Writing in Community 

Using the Pomodoro Technique

I am excited to announce I will continue offering Pomodoro guided co-working days. Those of you who have ever attended a writing retreat, know how much you can accomplish in the designated time. If you have a writing project to tackle, or some chapters to finish, or an outline to plot out, join us for the next one. See the events page to find out the current date.

Take this time out for you and enjoy an inspired and managed space for your words . The day will be mostly silent with prompts dotting the chat at regular intervals and breaks. 

See below for the history of the Pomodoro Technique which is similar to something I used to do my studying in university and had no idea there was a name for it.

I just knew it worked! 
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Ready, set, go!

Spend the day immersed in the silent company and support of other writers. Before you know it, your words will be flowing, and deep, funny, or mysterious thoughts will land on your pages and screens and any former signs of writers' block will vanish into the ether.

Everyone is there meet goals and lend that aura of support and productivity to each other. I’m there to provide the container.

In this writing retreat, join us to pen your stories, books, marketing copy, business plans, book proposals, outlines, plot development ... the field is open.  

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Rusti creates a safe, rich and wonderful space for your brilliance and creativity to come together in a graceful and supportive way. She creates a collaborative space for authors of all kinds of walks and experiences to come together to create, inspire and give/receive feedback if they desire. ~ Ix-Chel Sandivel

People who will adore this semi-guided / self-guided retreat on September 28th 

  • Writers who want to awaken the muse within.
  • Writers who want to discover the magic of a dedicated day.
  • Writers who want a day off from the mundane and distractions.
  • Writers who want to experience freedom with whatever comes to mind.
  • Writers who want support in taking this deep dive into a committed stretch of time.
  • Writers who want to experience the camaraderie and connection with other writers writing.
  • Writers who want the accountability of a group to write. 
  • Writers who love having dedicated and supported time and space for writing. 
  • Writers who may need to complete projects or articles on deadline. 
Loved your group class !!!! On so many levels :) ~ Leslie Sharpe
Thank you. I really appreciate the heart space for writers that you cultivate for us all to be ourselves and have a little home together in our collective writing. ~ Psalm Pollock

Make the time & space to write

Joining writing events are a powerful way to make time and space to write without distractions. 

Before our time together, I’ll send you a quick Be Ready checklist to help you clear space and create the vibe.

If you’re familiar with my events, you know writing happens.  

Make sure you have water and snacks at the ready, and have cleared the day of distractions so you can focus, focus, focus.

Register here for $37.97 Cdn.

When the day will start

We’ll meet on Zoom at 7:50 a.m. PST (10:50 a.m. EST) for a welcome and kickoff gathering, then we’ll write, break, write, break...

The goal is to enjoy ourselves, discover the magic of the Pomodoro Technique and meet some of our goals and end the day  satisfied with HIGH 5s; we wrote! 


Declare "Well done [insert your name], well done!"

It is vital we take that moment at day's end to bathe in the contentment of tasks and goals completed and met, ready to carry on the next time we sit ourselves down applying the seat of our pants to the seat of our chair ready to write.  Go ahead...you've done it! Put a notch on your desk.

Before you go though, we can set ourselves up for success for our next concentrated writing time. 

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