Word Quest Membership Packages For Writers 

Complete Your Writing Projects & Goals
Imagine 48-60 segments, blogs, chapters, poems, essays, articles or numerous social media posts. That is your  potential output when you attend every event throughout the year. Now imagine the support to compile, structure flow, create order, revise and complete your full length manuscript. ​Next imagine learning how to develop your content for maximum audience appeal. (Dates subject to change from time to time.) ​
​One more fantastic opportunity is to join the always free Weekly Drop-in & Write Within a Space of Togetherness. In these sessions, you enter the Zoom room, everyone shares in a minute or less their present goal and plan for our time, then we write, revise, edit, clean out your inbox if you insist... it's simply magical to not feel alone. In the last 10 minutes, I call you back in to share your experience or how you progressed in your goal. 

Launchpad Session includes:

 ~ How to start when you need and/or want to write a book, but aren't? 

 ~ Discover what kind of book is in you.
 ~ Delve into the healing power of personal writing.
 ~ Learn to write to save your life, I did!
​ ~ Or calculate your book's ROI. 
 ~ How short e-books can offer more advantages & higher profits.
 ~ How to “earn” an Amazon best-seller spot.
 ~ Key steps to increase your chances for a NYT best-seller!
 ~ Find out how to use the Wall Street Journal as a selling tool.
 ~ The promotion perks of using NetGalley and GoodReads.
~ Find the key thoughts and  build your outline!
~ How to strategically plan blogs to write your book for you!
All this for only $197 Cdn for members ~ Regularly $297 USD

*All booked, paid and completed Launchpad sessions include a bonus 15-minute follow-up call  for any new questions that may arise. You can also use the   15-minute booking link       as a discovery call to ask any burning questions.                     


The magic of a group holds you accountable, keeps you to deadlines to complete outlines, sections, chapters, proposals and more. 


Sessions will include brainstorming on structure, flow and developmental editing.


Creating an outline and a timeline provide a foundation to launch yourself from and guide you to the finish line. Special guest speakers will present on pivotal parts of the publishing pathways. 


The cohesion of community is pivotal to everyone's success. A rising tide lifts all boats. It can be likened to stringing a bunch of batteries together increasing the brainpower for everyone.