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  •     If you've ever wondered about the healing power of writing, or if you have a book idea teasing your consciousness, start writing. The words are inside of you. Trust your first draft! You can schedule your launchpad session to answer those niggling questions. Then develop an action plan propelling you forward with whatever goal comes up for you. Not everyone needs to write a book, though everyone can mine personal epiphanies in their words to engage your audience on the page or stage. On the events page, you can sign up for even more events and special offerings.

Welcome to Word Quest ~ Rusti L Lehay

Writing in Community ~ Imagine creating in the company of other writers!

See a few ways below to join a group of your peers. Writing does NOT have to be a solitary act.

Co-Writing Space for You

If you are writing alone, come join us. Add your energy to the zoom room. Receive a boost to finish your novel, story, screenplay, blog, poetry or...

Monthly Saturday Lounge

Be inspired, write to timed sessions, share, receive verbal feedback from Rusti and your peers in the chat. Try out your writing on an audience. (Occasionally the 1st Saturday.)

Be inspired every Friday!

Brand new addition to the Friday Writing Boost video. Randomly, I will invite a writer who uses the prompts to join me in the weekly video. Interested? Let me know!

Click here to sign up for the Monday Room

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Welcome to 

Word Quest

Don't know where to start? Receive laser coaching to find your launch point to build your outline around! Hear what KG said, "I knew I wanted to write a book one day. I had no idea how to begin and after hanging up from an impromptu quick chat, I had to write Rusti right away and shared, OMG, I went from overwhelmed to excited in less than 15 minutes!  You are a real blessing. Thank you!"
Click here to schedule a 15-minute inspiration boost!

Writing Coach & More

"You've given me so much more in a short discovery call than I received from a multi-thousand dollar book contract."  Gina Bosler Fontaine

    ​Writers' Launchpad - Aim for the moon!
Masterminding with an expert about your book structure or ideas makes it easy to take action on the next step, and the next, and the next!  By booking a Launchpad Session with Rusti, save yourself frustration, time and money. See yourself reach milestones, and benefit from a coach who can see directions to explore. 

​Whether you're contemplating writing your first book, or ready to market a completed manuscript, Rusti's techniques and encouragement will provide tools, answer questions, and keep you writing effectively. 

Your Launchpad Session includes:
    ~ Do you need and/or want to write a book, but aren't? 
    ~ Discover what kind of book is in you.
    ~ Delve into the healing power of personal writing.
    ~ Learn to write to save your life, I did!
    ~ Or calculate your book's ROI.  
    ~ How short e-books can offer more advantages & higher profits.
    ~ How to “earn” an Amazon best-seller spot.
    ~ Key steps to increase your chances for a NYT best-seller!
    ~ Find out how to use the Wall Street Journal as a selling tool.
    ~ The promotion perks of using NetGalley and GoodReads.
​    ~ Find the key thoughts and  build your outline!
     How to strategically plan blogs to write your book for you!
                                                                                                                            ​All this for only $297 USD

*All booked, paid and completed Launchpad sessions include a bonus 15-minute follow-up call for any new questions that may arise. You can also use the 15-minute booking link as a discovery call to ask any burning questions.

Need a plan, some guidance, and some easy steps to follow to start and finish that book? You've arrived at the right (write) place. Book your Launchpad Session now.

Payment link for your Launchpad Session. Then book your appointment on the calendar below.
Word Quest Coaching

Click here   to book one free consultation. Hope to see you soon!  

Services for all your writing needs or I'll find you the resource/person you most need!  (I have over 45 articles for writers on their journey to authordom.)

Word Quest Editing

I have multiple tiers and styles of editing packages and  I tailor them to each author's individual and their unique book needs. I also offer templates for many of the stages of creating your book.

Word Quest Ghost Writing

Do you have stories you can't imagine telling and don't have a clue where to start on the page or screen. Allow me to interview you and hold your hand to walk you through your story, landing it on the page with you.

Word Quest Collaborative Editing

I do more than take your book manuscript (your book baby) away into secret offices with a red pen. I meet with you online and visit each sentence and page together. I call it collaborative immersion editing. Book a free 45 minute session to find out more.

Photographer Paul Wosniak

Reasons to choose Rusti L Lehay 
and the Word Quest Team:

Just as editors do more than splash your text with missing commas, writing coaches do more than tell you to write. They are a bit like doulas helping you birth your books and stories. If you have questions, we'll share the answers or find them for you.

Rusti coaches authors to find the words that their hearts speak. Working as an empath, she guides writers to open up to what their story is and the most authentic way for them to share it, helping them place the right words at the right time for all the right reasons. Sometimes a book and sometimes Rusti helps you discover many other ways to best use your story and plant your words to meet your strategic objectives.

Words exist in her blood and bones. She specializes in helping you find, craft and tweak yours!

Amazon Best Sellers   You can do it too! Click here to ask me how!

Satisfied Writers Worldwide ~ Click here for Linda from Mexico! Click here for Ruth from England! 

Click herefor Sandra from Canada. She didn't think she  could write descriptively.

STAY-Treats and Lounges ~ Lounges are monthly from September to June and STAY-Treats are four times a year. 

Click here for more details! Click here to see what attendees are saying!

  Proofreading Services

  Word Doulas / Writing Coaches / Typesetting Geniuses

See Events Page- Online Writing Stay-Treats

No travel costs, the encouragement of other writers, giving yourself the gift of time to write, share with an audience of your peers for real-time feedback. Writing need not be a solitary journey!

Book Design

Meet Teena Clipston, typesetter, design and book layout extraordinaire.

Writers' Room Every Monday ~ Free

This co-writing/co-working session is for you if you just need that energy burst from knowing that others are working alongside you. It's almost magical and indeed profound to have a container with a designated beginning and end within which you accomplish great feats and tasks. We meet every Monday in the Scribeners' Writing Zoom Room!

You can register on the  Event Page or by clicking here.

So many ways to meet your writing goals:

We invite you to write for your eyes alone in supportive workshops or online courses or share within the safe circle of other writers. Ask about individual coaching.

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Feedback from author:

Linda Mbagwu

​Feedback from author:
Ruth Owen 

Rusti L Lehay began her own Quest for Words when she was an itty-bitty thing.

If you've lived and breathed, you have a story.  

If you have a passion combined with curiosity and imagination, you have a novel.

If you've lived and learned, you have knowledge.  

Everyone has gathered a thing or three in their life journey.

It's time to share your story, your knowledge. Someone is waiting for your words, your expertise. Sign up here for our newsletter and/or request "How to write your book.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Call us to discuss your book, wordy ideas, writing needs or to learn more...

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